Mane Essentials "CBD Shealow Leave In"

Mane Girl Pure Virgin Hair

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This is our in house homemade natural moisturizing hair cream. Our Shealow is an excellent moisturizing hair and body moisturizer. This product is excellent for fine,  medium to coarse hair. It's an aloe infused shea moisturizer.   Shea low can be layered with our liquid gold conditioner.  Shealow adds moisture to your skin/ hair while helping you retain length. Our luxurious cream has ;  shea, olive oil, aloe  and hemp  infused oils to moisture hair scalp while lowering inflammation. Great for eczema and dry patches.  Ask natural.  Comes in a 4oz jars  Start with a small dollop and increase amount gradually up until moisture is retained in the hair. Also helps with lice and scalp fungus/ body eczema. This can be used once a week or every 2 weeks to reduce inflammation and scalp irritation. Use sparingly. Not reccomended for children. Apply small patch test for allergies. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Discard after 4-5 Months


Ingredients: Shea butter/ olive oil/ coconut oil/ cbd/ hemp proprietary blend. Use within 3 -5 months. Store in dry cool place. Separation is natural, gently stir. Contains Nuts/patch test for allergies. Don't eat .Don't leave around  children unsupervised.


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