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Mane Girl Pure Virgin Hair

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This is our in house homemade Hair Regrow Starter Pack.  This Package Includes : Scalp Medics,  Miracle Drops , Follicle Boost .This product is excellent for all hair types. LG also helps to keep your hair from breaking and help you retain longer hair. Contact the Weave Dr for Usage Instructions. Be careful of over usage.  Many clients who hair would never grow thrive with our products



Miracle Drop: Shea butter/ olive oil/ coconut oil/ proprietary blend. Use within 3 months. Store in dry cool place. Separation is natural, gently stir.


Scalp Medics: Aloe,  Propritary Blend

Boost: Contact for Ingredients. 

Contains Nuts/patch test for allergies. Don't eat .Don't leave around  children unsupervised. Not for children use or Consumption. 

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