Mane Essentials "Black Magic Shampoo"

Mane Girl Pure Virgin Hair

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This is our in house homemade natural hair growth shampoo. Our Liquid Gold is an excellent moisturizing shampoo/ face and body wash. This product is excellent for fine,  medium to coarse hair. It's a pomade shampoo herbal concoction. Black Magic helps fights bacteria/ stimulates follicles while also helping  you to retain longer hair. It is creamy lather;  shea, olive and hemp  infused oils to moisture scalp. No sulfates or Harmful Chemicals. Comes in a 4oz/ 8oz jars.  Start with a small dollop and increase amount gradually up until moisture is retained in the hair. Also helps with lice and scalp fungus/ body eczema. This can be used once a week or every 2 weeks to reduce inflammation and scalp irritation. Use sparingly. Not reccomended for children. Apply small patch test for allergies. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Discard after 4-5 Months


Ingredients: Shea butter/ olive oil/ coconut oil/ neem / hemp proprietary blend. Use within 3 months. Store in dry cool place. Separation is natural, gently stir. Contains Nuts/patch test for allergies. Don't eat .Don't leave around  children unsupervised.

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