Raw Burmese Medium Coarse Virgin Hair

Mane Girl Pure Virgin Hair

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These Hairs are Imported from SEA borders.  Hairs have minimal to no processing done. This hair is strong durable and has minimal shedding . Similar to our regular burmesse except coarser and less processed.Remember all tight curly hair has minimal- moderate shedding. It's best to use Wet brush or wig brush to detangle hair properly. This hair is better then Brazilian hair that is sold on the market.  Avoid alcohol basedproducts and apply serum weekly for best results.Hair is low maintenance comes in natural so texture.Make sure to plait hair in sections at night and spray with light leave in to activate curls. Use Wig brush for best results. Lasts 9 months -1.5yr . Shampoo every 10-14  days for best results. 

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